Untold Road

by Gaz Bailey

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"This original song is a masterpiece of songwriting with a masterful violin composition ”
– Untold Road by Gaz Bailey – The Shift

"This is Gaz's debut single and will be released on 14th October. Keep an eye out for Gaz in the coming months because he seems to have a knack of writing catchy, singalong choruses. And Untold Road is certainly no different with a simple acoustic guitar, a bit of percussion and some excellently crafted violins. There is definitely a nod to The Beatles but I can also hear a cross between David Bowie and Richard Ashcroft in the vocal style and let's be honest, if there are 3 artists to be influenced by, these would be high up on anybody's list.
All in all, a highly creditable debut single and I'll put money down that you'll be singing "On this ro-oooooooad, ro-ooooad" by the time the second chorus comes round. Well done." Unarmed Bandit


Published by Maori Music


I didn't sing, or bring my car
I left it at the Road side
I'm a star in every sky
Crying only on the inside
Amazing screaming, gleaming dreams
One man and a Fishman
Connecting with one out of three
But i don't need all this shit man

On this road
On this Road
We are Untold
We are Untold

Thirty years to stay or go
Thirty years to prove it
we do our best to it right
Configure ourselves
And choose to be a bum
Or Something good
Yet we cannot cruise it
We're performing fleas at best
But were in it for the music

On this road
On this road
we are Untold
We are Untold

Wer'e all seeking time to get high
we're all seeking time to get high
we're all seeking time to get high
wer'e all seeking time to get high

So focus on your dreams
dream of what you focus
A smile goes a long way
A kick in the teeth will choke us
The pathway's in sight now
And nothing yet has broke us
We have trawelled a million miles
Cos' our dreaming has awoke us

On this Road
On this Road
We are untold
We are untold


released October 14, 2016
Written by Gaz Bailey
Bass Gaz Bailey
Cajun Gaz Bailey
Guitar Gaz Bailey
Vocals Gaz Bailey
Violin Gareth Williams



all rights reserved


Gaz bailey England, UK

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